The Studio: Rearranged

Rearranging the Studio

I rearranged my apartment. And guys, seriously, it’s really great. Like maybe even life-changing great! My studio feels so much brighter and more spacious now.
Studio ArrangementsI swung my bookshelf around 90 degrees to sit flat against the wall that my bed used to be on. I rotated by bed too and moved it to the adjacent wall–which gave me plenty of room for a night stand on one side and my little desk in the corner.

The Studio: RearrangedThe rearrange gave me much more “bedroom” space, but took quite a bit of floor space from my “living room.” But that’s ok with me, its so much easier to make my bed–and get in and out of it now! I moved the small white coffee table to the side of the love seat since there’s not a ton of floor space in front. studioMy dining area and entry way arrangements stayed the same. The only change I made was moving the rug from the living area to the dining area. Since my love seat no longer sections off the dining area, the rug provides a nice visual division. DSCN9382And now here’s the awkward spot. I’m pretty sure that no matter how I arrange my studio there will ALWAYS be an awkward corner. It looks like I just slapped this bookshelf here then threw my wrapping paper and yoga mats in the corner–and well, that’s what I did. It needs some work.

I’m working on putting together floor plans of my arrangement and some more studio living tips. Check back soon for those!

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos | Tulips & Rain

Ah…breakfast. I think it might be my favorite meal (after dessert of course). Its so easy to make breakfast seem special–anything beyond cereal or toast seems like a treat, heck add some jam to my toast and it seems like a treat. I went through a phase where I would get up early and have plenty of time to make and enjoy a decent breakfast, but lately I’ve been heading into work earlier and I am just not a girl who will willingly get up much before 7am. So longstoryshort–these burritos are the perfect grab-n-go for a busy morning–and WAY better than a handful of Lucky Charms  Multi-Grain Cherrios.

Breakfast Burritos | Tulips & Rain

7 eggs
12 oz sausage
1/3 cup skim milk
8 small tortilla shells (fajita shells)
Breakfast Burritos | Tulips & RainDirections:
Cook sausage in a large skillet until cooked through, drain fat and set aside. Beat eggs and milk and cook scramble-style in the same skillet you cooked the sausage in. Cook just until done, but still a bit wet. Chop sausage. Lay out tortillas and distribute eggs and sausage evenly. Roll tightly and wrap in plastic wrap. Freeze.
Breakfast Burritos | Tulips & Rain

In the morning take a burrito out of the freezer and pop into the microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes or until heated through. Unwrap and enjoy!

Breakfast Burritos | Tulips & Rain

Open House: My Work Space

My WorkspaceI am so excited to have a work space again! When I moved last summer  I was convinced that I would not need or want a desk post-graduation. I wanted to get rid of the desk altogether, but my mom insisted on keeping it–and I’m so glad she did! (The older I get, the more  I realize my parents are pretty much always right. They’re some wise folks.)  I rearranged my apartment on a whim late last Tuesday night–check back later this week for a full tour–and with the new arrangement I had the perfect spot for my little desk.

My WorkspaceA few of my favorite memories from my travels lean against the wall along with a an inspiring note I picked up at GBS. The green pencil cup used to have a mini orchid in it–it died :(. And I snipped that precious bloom off of a potted plant my mom helped me pick out this weekend.

My WorkspaceThe desk is tucked into such a lovely spot! I didn’t even know my studio had lovely spots until my rearrange. It gets every last ounce of evening light. And its so nice not have cords stretched haphazardly across my floor anymore. :)


Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake | Tulips & Rain

Carrot cake is the essential Easter dessert. I originally planned on making a small Easter lunch for my parents this Sunday, but I’m back in eastern Iowa for an interview today, so we’re celebrating Easter tonight with a yummy spring dinner. We dug into this dessert last night (and I might have had a slice for breakfast) and it did not disappoint.

Carrot Cake | Tulips & Rain

It’s a total pain to sit down and shred almost a pound of carrots–but its so worth it! I considered using my Kitchen Aid grinder attachment to shred them, but wasn’t sure if it would work. Let me know if you have any carrot shredding secrets! Oh and when making homemade cakes I always use cake flour.

Carrot Cake | Tulips & Rain

I found a tip a while back to make your cakes bake flat, and I was so delighted to find out that it works great! Just wrap very wet dish towels around the cake pans while baking and they’ll come out even on top.

Carrot Cake | Tulips & Rain

I made the cake layers last weekend and froze them. Whenever I make a layer cake–even if I don’t make it that far in advance I always freeze the cake before frosting it. It’s much easier to frost frozen layers, they’re firmer and less likely to crumb.


After seeing Inspired by Charm‘s adorable cake banners a few weeks ago, I just had to try my own!
Carrot Cake | Tulips & RainHappy Easter!


Currently Craving: Pretty Scents

Pretty Scents

I’ve been on the hunt for a new scent for so long! I picked up a random scent at the last VS semi-annual sale that was just ok, and  it ran a few weeks ago so I’ve been 100% sans-scent for a while now. Last weekend I did some serious scent perusing and found several that I love! And even picked up a sample of a few of them to test out. Now I just have to pick my favorite.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is in fact oh-so-fresh. It’s a lovely, light floral scent–which is always a win in my book, but at $89 it’s going to take a serious chunk out of my monthly shopping budget.

French Lavender Honey, from Bath & Body Works is a better fit for my budget at $40. It’s one of the samples I’ve been using this week and its a nice sweet-but-not-too-sweet scent. I am a serious lavender-lover so I was a little disappointed that the lavender is a pretty subtle aspect of the scent, but still a serious contender.

Mad About You had me at first sight. I love everything–the name, the colors, the bow! The base of the scent is peonies–my very favorite flower. I’ve been sampling this one all week to and its a very sweet scent, but I actually really like it. It’s also from Bath & Body Works and comes in at just $35.

Tocca Simone is pretty and elegant, just like its bottle. The bright tropical hints in the scent are something I’m usually not attracted to but mixed with a bit blonde wood its just perfect! But at $68 its quickly inching to the top of my very modest budget.

Bombshells in Bloom is just what it sounds like–a fun, sultry scent with sweet floral overtones. Add “in Bloom” on to the back of pretty much any scent and I’m going to love it! The $52 price tag makes it a very manageable splurge.

Enchilada Pie

Enchilada Pie | Tulips & Ra

I love this enchilada recipe from Skinnytaste! But the last time I made them, I felt like they were just a little sloppy. I didn’t roll them tight enough, and storing the leftover gets a little messy–long skinny enchilada in a square container just doesn’t work that well. So my solution? Enchilada pie! It’s a little less messy to put together and so much easier to dish out and store leftovers! Traditional enchilada will always have a place on my menu–but this is a fun, simple twist on a favorite dish!Enchilada Pie | Tulips & RainFollow the Skinnytaste recipe with a few tweaks. Swap out the sour cream for plain greek yogurt and use pepper jack in stead of Mexican blend cheese. Then when it comes to putting the enchiladas together, forgo the rolling and grab a 9 inch pie pan. Start with the white sauce on the bottom, then layer tortilla, sauce, chicken mixutre–I used 5 tortillas. Then top with the final tortilla, remaining sauce and pepper jack. Bake according to recipe.